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Videotape: Conidium Ontogeny in Hyphomycetes

This tape is meant to be used as a teaching aid in conjunction with the textbook The Fifth Kingdom.

After a title sequence meant to be reminiscent of a phialide in action, followed by acknowledgments, the tape begins by showing how the specially designed thin culture chambers used in the filming of this movie are filled with medium, inoculated, sealed and incubated. A set of interesting sound effects - which tend to hold student attention - make their debut here, and pop up at intervals throughout the rest of the tape.

Now it's on to the time-lapse sequences that form the body of the tape. Note that more extensive discussions of the different ontogenies can be found in chapter 4 of The Fifth Kingdom. Note also that in the commentary which follows, the titles of some of the modes of development, and the names of one or two of the fungi involved, have been up-dated, to be in line with current thinking.



This mode, by far the commonest among conidial fungi, is defined, then illustrated by time-lapse sequences of the development of multiple conidia in several different anamorphic fungi.


This mode is defined, then illustrated by time-lapse sequences of Geotrichum candidum.

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