The Whole Fungus (2-Volume Set)


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Vols 1 & 2 (1979): 793 pp. Includes an extensive compilation of anamorph-holomorph connections in Ascomycetes (vol 1) and Basidiomycetes (vol 2). “A mycological classic.”

Perhaps by posing a few questions I can give you some idea of what you may expect to find as you browse through the twenty-seven chapters in the two volumes of The Whole Fungus:

  1. Do you know what anamorphs, teleomorphs and holomorphs are? These terms are central to the theme of the books, and are defined in Chapter 3.
  2. Do you know how long the phenomenon of pleomorphism has exercised the minds of mycologists; and how ancient it is? These questions are answered in Chapters 2 and 26, respectively.

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“Every serious student of mycology…ought to obtain these fascinating, inexpensive volumes. Buy it, get your library to buy it, get your students to buy it, and put aside a week or so to sit down and read it cover to cover. Kananaskis II was a milestone.”
– Mycologia