Our big Coulter pine died
a trail in Dean Park, our local donated Park with old-growth forest
Girl Grandkids relaxing on the deck
Lilies on the deck
beetles enjoying Queen Anne’s Lace
the dreaded broom with thousands of pods

a trail in Dean Park

the monster slain
Flowers of Tixen: the rare Jaumea carnosa
frilly daisies in the front garden
An unusual fern near Whistler
Some of Laurie’s liles
Kelly and Tray on the swing
Maltese cross (Lychnis)  and Crocosmia in side garden
Twinflower (Linnaea) in Dean Park
Dianthus varieties in front garden
James Holkko’s equipment for putting microscope images on TV
Sea foam and Foxglove in side Garden
magnificent Clematis on arbor


Low tide
Looking up the stairs
Iris and California lilac in front garden
Clematis in front garden
Now it looks like a palm tree
Firewood galore
  • Our biggest Fiesta apple of a disappointing crop
Ferry leaving for US as
Tray watches from sea wall

  • Our biggest Fiesta apple of a disappointing crop
  • Our biggest Fiesta apple of a disappointing crop

We dined beneath a huge whale skeleton at the Beatty Biodiversity Museum’s Anniversary Party
Spring in the back garden
Anemone blanda in the front garden
Isabella and Mara getting ready to fly back to Haida Gwaii in March
Isabella, Clint,Mara, Jenn ready to fly back to Haida Gwaii
Pink Easter lily
Guess who lives in Tixen?
Front garden in Spring
inflorescence of big-leaf maple
tiny slime mould with lime in outer coat
Our big Coulter Pine died
Arborist at work
Spring brings morels

cones likewise

Who would guess there was an Isoetes in this pond?
Only Oluna and Adolf Ceska

Crocosmia and gooseneck loosestrife in front garden
Papyrus flowering in the courtyard fountain
two of Laurie’s best tomatoes
Our biggest apple of a tasty but disappointing crop
fruits of Tixen: beautiful rose hips
Isabella composing