Reviews of The Fifth Kingdom
the new CD-ROM

    "The enthusiasm in The Fifth taken to a new level in this stupendous CD-ROM which aims to inspire and woo students into mycology and also to promote concern for the environment.
     For anyone wishing to recruit new people to mycology, this is by far the best tool I have seen to-date.  I can't imagine many mycologists who have seen this CD demonstrated not rushing to secure a personal copy." 
Dr. David Hawksworth, Mycological Research, 2001.

"The CD-ROM of The Fifth Kingdom  is a fine contribution to mycology...Why would anyone use any other text? Prof. Mike Wingfield, Pretoria, South Africa

"Your book/CD-ROM makes fungi far more accessible and attractive than any textbook in the past.  I have really enjoyed using the CD-ROM (in teaching) and think that my students have benefited greatly.  I can't imagine not having access to all those fantastic images and still being able to make the subject interesting and understandable.  It is very comprehensive and deals with all of the different fields in a refreshingly appealing way.  The CD and book have been a Godsend!"  Prof Joanne Taylor, Gaborone, Botswana.

"J'ai bien reçu le CD-ROM. C'est sans contest le meilleur cours de mycologie"
Prof. Philippe Silar, Paris, France

" short, it is magnificent"  Dr. A.S. Ramadani, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

"Both the CD-ROM and the book are marvelous.  Such gorgeous work.  Thank you very much"  Prof. Rich Boone, Alaska

"I was greatly impressed.  It is the best-illustrated introduction to mycology available today (or any other day).  Of course your excellent writing style is still there.  I know how long you have been collecting slides and mycological materials for this.  It really is the fruit of a lifetime of enthusiasm and dedication. My heartiest congratulations!
...The students are excited about The Fifth Kingdom.  Several of them have made enthusiastic remarks about it."
   Prof. Dave Malloch, Toronto, Canada

"After reviewing the CD, I thought I should write and tell you that I think it is a tremendous product.  I found it very informative and a good update on my past training.  I spend much of my time chasing moulds inside buildings as part of my consulting work and found the CD most helpful - especially in the area of fungal ecology.  I would highly recommend it.  Thanks for a great product." Mike Curtis, New Mexico, USA

"The CD arrived. What a great source of information. I have only previewed some of the items but am really impressed with the layout, pictures, etc.. I have over 150 mycology books in my library, including your book The Fifth Kingdom.  I rate this CD [as one of the two best works] in my collection ... Thanks."  Jack Shinault, Virginia, USA

"Using the CD-ROM version of The Fifth Kingdom is much like viewing your favourite website, using your favourite browser...Given Kendrick’s inviting writing style, the layperson will not be intimidated or bored to tears. One of the splendid hallmark features of the CD-ROM version is the incredibly large number of fine and often coloured illustrations, photomicrographs and prints."
Mushroom - the Journal of Wild Mushrooming  Issue 71, Spring 2001


                                                                                                          ...the book

"...the first textbook I've read cover to cover after 6 years of university."
Jennifer Wilkinson, Undergraduate student, Canada.

"It is an excellent example of how a usable textbook should be written in the modern style: simply, elegantly, readably, no nonsense, full of sound material. It is rich in context and full of surprises. Every entry makes connections and interconnections. It deals entertainingly, but matter-of-factly, with amazing items and their biological significance, without ignoring everyday ones and leaves the reader with an integrated comprehension and a renewed respect for the subject matter. Even though I am a biologist, I had always looked on the fungi with a certain lack of enthusiasm, dating from some appallingly boring classes at university. This book brought the kingdom back to life for me."  
Jon Richfield

"We all love The Fifth Kingdom. You might be interested to know that last year, it probably saved the life of one of my small dogs. She had eaten a nasty Inocybe and had a terrible muscarine reaction. I knew immediately what was wrong and what to do - All thanks to reading the poisonous mushroom section. Very grateful" 
Adrienne Fitzhenry, University of Toronto.

"I have borrowed your book from my supervisor and I enjoy it very much. I am wondering if it is possible to order a copy of this excellent book from you. Thank you for very interesting and pleasant reading!"   Christina Wedén, Sweden

"This...revised second edition of the text first published in clearly the sportiest, most engaging, most comprehensive and current, and most reasonably priced text on the market...Most chapters have been noticeably revised...My overall impression is that while the revised edition retains the singular Kendrickian is a more serious and comprehensive treatment...In provocatively conveying the multitude of ways that fungi impact the ecosystem, and particularly human affairs, this text has no equal as an introduction to mycology." ....Mycotaxon

"The Fifth Kingdom is a great text. I wish I had had it when I was a mycology student."  Angela Belt, Sonora, California

"When I first opened the package, I must admit I was a little disappointed when I saw a small, plain book. As I glanced over the table of contents and then read some of the definitions of terms in the glossary, I soon realized that the book covered every aspect of fungi I could possibly imagine. The same day I started reading the book, and quickly found that I could not put it down. In less than three weeks I had read it all and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the past few years I have read every book on fungi I could find. None of these equalled The Fifth Kingdom. The book has become invaluable to me."
A U.S. undergraduate student

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