Pictorial supplement to The Fifth Kingdom - Chapter 6

Yeasts - Polyphyletic Fungi  (9 pictures)

yeas1.jpg (6317 bytes) Yeasts - students often seek a respite from reality with yeast-fermented beverages (see also Chapter 19).
yeas2.jpg (6277 bytes) Yeasts - certain yeasts make beer good; but others can spoil your accompanying pizza, as shown here, if you let it sit too long at room temperature...
yeas3.jpg (6046 bytes) Yeasts - Teliomycetes - the small colonies are red yeasts, which are basidiomycetes
yeas4.jpg (10461 bytes) Yeasts Saccharomycetes - multiplication by repeated budding in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (also see SEM picture below).
yeas5.jpg (7083 bytes) Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae showing multilateral budding (SEM).
yeas6.jpg (7310 bytes) Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - Candida albicans, budding and producing hyphae (SEM)
yeas10.jpg (9138 bytes) Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - Hormoascus, with hyphae producing ascus-like meiosporangia in chains.
yeas7.jpg (5201 bytes) Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - the Geotrichum anamorph of Dipodascus, producing thallic-arthric conidia.
yeas8.jpg (6806 bytes) Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - TEM section of a septum of Geotrichum, showing many micropores.
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