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Pictorial supplement to The Fifth Kingdom - Chapter 5f

Subphylum Basidiomycotina - part 6

Class Phragmobasidiomycetes - Orders Tremellales, Auriculariales
Class Teliomycetes - Orders Uredinales, Ustilaginales
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Class Phragmobasidiomycetes

trem1.jpg (6046 bytes)
Phragmobasidiomycetes - Tremellales -  stained, cruciately septate basidia. Nuclei are dark.
Note the long epibasidia..
   X 1000

trem2.jpg (5187 bytes)
Phragmobasidiomycetes - Tremellales - irregular, jelly-like basidiomata of Tremella.
   X 2

trem3.jpg (7727 bytes)
Phragmobasidiomycetes - Tremellales - basidomata of Phlogiotis, the apricot jelly
   X 1/4

trem4.jpg (3590 bytes)
Phragmobasidiomycetes - Tremellales - basidiomata of Tremellodendron
   X 2/3

trem5.jpg (4855 bytes)
Phragmobasidiomycetes - Tremellales - basidioma of Pseudohydnum. The 'teeth' make this look hydnaceous, but the jelly-like consistency and the cruciately septate basidia soon put you on the right track.
   X 2

auric1.jpg (4569 bytes)
Phragmobasidiomycetes - Auriculariales - ear-like basidioma of Auricularia
   X 1.2     Class Teliomycetes

ured1.jpg (5386 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - barberry (Berberis) the alternate host of wheat rust fungus, Puccinia graminis tritici.

ured2.jpg (4326 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - brown spots are infections producing spermagonia of Puccinia graminis tritici.

ured3.jpg (6752 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - vertical section of barberry leaf containing spermagonia (at upper surface) and aecia (at lower surface) of the wheat rust fungus

ured4.jpg (5196 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - flower-like aecia of Puccinia erupting through barberry leaf epidermis.

ured5.jpg (7913 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - vertical section through an aecium of Puccinia graminis tritici.

ured6.jpg (9877 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - uredinia of Puccinia graminis tritici erupting through epidermis of wheat (Triticum).
   X 10

ured7.jpg (7529 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - vertical section through a uredinial sorus of Puccinia graminis tritici in a wheat leaf.
   X 60

ured8.jpg (6041 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - stained urediniospores of Puccinia graminis tritici showing equatorial germ pores.
X 400

ured9.jpg (7287 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - telial sori of Puccinia graminis tritici on wheat.

ured10.jpg (6783 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - section through telial sorus of Puccinia graminis tritici on wheat leaf.

ured11.jpg (7840 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - 2-celled teliospores of Puccinia graminis.

ured13.jpg (4387 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - aecial stage of   Gymnosporangium on Amelanchier (serviceberry - Rosaceae).

ured21.jpg (8584 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - telial horns of Gymnosporangium on juniper (Juniperus).

ured14.jpg (5573 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - aecial 'blisters' of Cronartium comandrae on lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. latifolia).

ured15.jpg (6460 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - Comandra, the primary host of Cronartium comandrae.

ured16.jpg (5065 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - aecial stage of Cronartium fusiforme blister rust on Pinus.

ured18.jpg (5147 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - aecia of Chrysomyxa arctostaphyli on black spruce (Picea mariana) [alternate host].

ured23.jpg (4224 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - telial sori of Chrysomyxa arctostaphyli on bearberry (Arctostaphylus uva-ursae) [primary host]

ured19.jpg (7262 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - zooming in on the aecial stage of Puccinia dioica on lettuce. (a) infected lettuce leaf, (b) patch of aecia, (c) a single aecium (SEM), (d) aeciospores (SEM).

ured20.jpg (7463 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - uredinia of a systemic Puccinia in leaf of Rubus.

ured22.jpg (4341 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - Hemileia vastatrix attacking coffee leaves in Java, Indonesia.

ured24.jpg (4220 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Uredinales - colourless aeciospores and 2-celled brown teliospores of Puccinia menthae (mint rust).

ustil1.jpg (4772 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Ustilaginales - Ustilago maydis fruiting on corn (Zea mays).

ustil2.jpg (5030 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Ustilaginales - the black 'smut spores' of Ustilago maydis being released.

ustil3.jpg (4097 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Ustilaginales - loose smut of barley caused by Ustilago nuda - healthy and smutted ears.

ustil4.jpg (5973 bytes)
Teliomycetes - Ustilaginales - onion smut caused by Urocystis cepulae.

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