Pictorial Supplement to The Fifth Kingdom - Chapter 2b

Phyla Chytridiomycota (Kingdom Fungi)
        and Oomycota (Kingdom Chromista) 
(29 pictures)
(the CD-ROM has full text and 45 pictures)

Phylum Chytridiomycota (Kingdom Fungi)

chyzoo.jpg (4078 bytes) Chytridiomycota - Blastocladiales - zoospore of Allomyces (phase contrast illumination)
X 2000
eucarpic.jpg (9135 bytes) Chytridiomycota - Chytridiales - eucarpic thallus of Rhizophydium in culture
   X 500
pollen1.jpg (2511 bytes) Chytridiomycota - Chytridiales - Chytridium lagenaria: sporangium developing on a pollen grain of Pinus.  Time lapse sequence
   X 500
pollen2.jpg (3116 bytes) Chytridiales - Chytridium releasing zoospores.
   X 500
pollen3.jpg (2730 bytes) Chytridiales - Chytridium releasing uniflagellate zoospores
   X 500
pollen4.jpg (2643 bytes) Chytridiales - Chytridium - empty sporangium on pine pollen grain.
   X 500
wart.jpg (7156 bytes) Chytridiomycota - Chytridiales - wart of potato caused by Synchytrium endobioticum
X 1/3
spirogyr.jpg (6733 bytes) Chytridiomycota - Chytridiales - sporangia of a eucarpic chytrid on the green alga, Spirogyra
X 100
dinoflag.jpg (4677 bytes) Chytridiomycota - Chytridiales - sporangia of a chytrid on Ceratium, a planktonic dinoflagellate
   X 200

Phylum Oomycota (Kingdom Chromista)

flagella1.jpg (11895 bytes) Oomycota - the two flagella of a zoospore of Phytophthora palmivora (EM)
achlya.jpg (12789 bytes) Oomycota - Saprolegniales - broad hyphae of Achlya growing from a hemp seed and producing, (1) long, white asexual zoosporangia and (2) round white sexual oogonia
   X 8
saprolegnialean zoosporangia1.jpg (7873 bytes) Oomycota - Saprolegniales - zoosporangium
   X 400
saprolegnialean zoosporangia2.jpg (10721 bytes) Oomycota -Saprolegniales - zoosporangia.
   X 400

This and the slide above were submitted by Correspondence students in course Biology 422 as part of an assignment.
oogonium.jpg (5735 bytes) Oomycota - Saprolegniales - an oogonium containing several eggs.  Note the basal septum, and the thin-walled zones that facilitate penetration by antheridia. (Nomarski interference-contrast illumination).
   X 400
2 Albugo lo res.jpg (12890 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - white rust of crucifers caused by Albugo candida
X 1
albugo2.jpg (10286 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - vertical section through a sorus of Albugo producing chains of unicellular asexual sporangia from a basal layer of sporangiophores.
   X 200
perono1.jpg (5449 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - sporangiophore of Peronospora with attached sporangia
   X 200
dowmilgr.jpg (6302 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - downy mildew of grape caused by Plasmopara viticola
X 1/3
plasmop1.jpg (4308 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - branched aerial sporangiophore of Plasmopara viticola
X 200
bordmix1.jpg (10189 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - vines near Beaune, France,  sprayed with a derivative of Bordeaux Mixture to prevent downy mildew
bordmix2.jpg (8612 bytes) a billboard in Beaune for the fungicide
blight4.jpg (16612 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - late blight of potato caused by Phytophthora infestans
blight1.gif (10148 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - the aerial sporangiophores of Phytophthora emerging from the potato leaves - a drawing made in 1847
blight2.gif (7199 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - Phytophthora infestans - destitute Irish girls gleaning for food at the height of the potato famine - 1847
blight3.jpg (14181 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - Phytophthora infestans - people preparing to leave Ireland forever dueing the potato famine.
blight5.jpg (5925 bytes) blight6.jpg (5137 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - Phytophthora infestans.   Monument to 187 Irish would-be immigrants to Canada, fleeing from the potato famine, who drowned just off the Gaspe Peninsula in 1847.
bluemol1.jpg (5754 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - blue mould of tobacco caused by Peronospora tabacina
X 1/4
bluemol2.jpg (3891 bytes) Oomycota - Peronosporales - a branched aerial sporangiophore of Peronospora tabacina.
X 200
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