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Pictorial supplement to The Fifth Kingdom - Chapter 20

Food spoilage by fungi

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sclerot2.jpg (7213 bytes)
Food spoilage - Monilia, a necrotroph, causing post-harvest soft rot of peaches.

20-6 blighted potato.jpg (5136 bytes)
Food spoilage - a potato spoiled by the late blight fungus - Phytophthora infestans. Damage is not restricted to the above-ground parts of the plant.

20-2 bread moulds.jpg (4741 bytes)
Food spoilage - a very mouldy loaf of bread...calcium propionate will not protect it forever.

20-3 mouldy cheese.jpg (4233 bytes)
Food spoilage - cheddar cheese with aspirations to become blue cheese - various species of Penicillium, which can grow even in the refrigerator..

20-5 mouldy cartoon.jpg (9234 bytes)
Food spoilage - "You know that green, fuzzy thing on the top shelf at the back?  I think it just became a mother!"

20-4 mouldy orange.jpg (4913 bytes)
Food spoilage - oranges attacked by Penicillium italicum.

20-1 Rhizopus on peach.jpg (10796 bytes)
Food spoilage - Rhizopus fruiting on a peach - the young sporangia are whitish, but become black at maturity

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