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Pictorial supplement to The Fifth Kingdom - Chapter 19

Fungi in Food Processing

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19-1 Botrytis1.jpg (6777 bytes)
Noble rot - a cloud of Botrytis conidia being liberated as the grapes are dumped into the collecting bin.

19-2 Botrytis2.jpg (7053 bytes)
grapes attacked by Botrytis - the noble rot / pourriture noble - in South Africa.

19-3 blue cheese.jpg (3600 bytes)
blue cheese, courtesy of Penicillium roquefortii.

19-4 tempeh1.jpg (4948 bytes)
tempeh made in the lab., courtesy of Rhizopus oligosporus.

19-5 tempeh2.jpg (7349 bytes)
sweetened tempeh as sold in Kaliurang, Java, Indonesia.

19-6 tempeh3.jpg (13603 bytes)
recipes involving tempeh.

19-7 fungal products.jpg (11920 bytes)
...mostly fungal products...

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