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Pictorial supplement to The Fifth Kingdom - Chapter 13


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13-1 First generation.jpg (8478 bytes)
Fungicides - a first-generation fungicide, a copper-based derivative of Bordeaux Mixture, still used to control downy mildew of grape in France (brought to you by thr makers of Aspirin).

13-2 Zineb.jpg (9176 bytes)
Fungicides - benefits from use of Zineb, a second-generation fungicide. The unsprayed oats on the left suffered from crown rust, and "lodged" (the plants fell over). The sprayed plants on the right were unaffected by the disease, and matured normally. 

13-3 Difolatan.jpg (8230 bytes)
Fungicides - poster advertising Difolatan (Captafol), a phthalimide second-generation fungicide, in peanut-growing country.

13-4 Benomyl.jpg (11876 bytes)
Fungicides - label for Benomyl (Benlate), the original third-generation (systemic) fungicide, which is so safe you can buy it at any garden supply store or nursery.

13-5 Pelt44.jpg (9635 bytes)
Fungicides - poster advertising another systemic fungicide in the vineyards of France.

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