2017 pictures  (and a little text)
If a picture is worth 1000 words, then this is a book-length presentation. 
But fear not, I sifted through all 2000 or so pictures I took last year,
and got them down to about 50.  Don't feel obliged to look at them all,
though it's very easy to scroll down through them,
once you've given them a minute to load.
I began this with good intentions, but you know what happens to those.
In an effort to put things together more quickly than last year,
I decided to simply compile a new page for my web site. However, a
tsunami of family lasting almost 2 weeks, and a post New Year cold, slowed me down.
Hence this is being completed in mid-January.
Much of 2017 was taken up with the revision and updating of my book The Fifth Kingdom,
which finally appeared in September in its 4th edition, as you will see.
Snow is rather unusual here, so
when it came in February it was an event, though short-lived

Here is the side garden under snow...

and the back garden under snow... the ocean is "clearly" fog-bound - no islands visible.

Courtyard under snow...

Cormorants and gulls on pilings, Sidney

Two varieties of snowdrops in February

Some very early irises - gorgeous!

First flowers in Tixen dune system (February) - Draba verna

Bouquet for Laurie's Birthday in February

Remains of a midnight feast at Tixen...

Garden at local library - Fothergilla and Pieris

Some giant broom at Tixen, awaiting the lopper

Lenten roses (Helleborus) on the doorstep in March


Crocuses - what would Spring be without them?

Below are the muddy footprints of one surprised large male river otter who was
standing on a chair, peeking into the bedroom. When the chair overbalanced
it threw him into the window - I don't know who was more scared,
him or us.  However, the tribe was not frightened away, because many
days later, we counted no fewer than
- wait for it - 13 otters on the lawn at once.

Laurie was very unhappy that they were there - I was most unhappy because
I failed to get a picture of them all.

April flowers - a most delightful miniature tulip.

Front garden in April

Laurie at Gore Park amid profuse native wildflowers

Perhaps the year's best fungal find - Mitrula - near Whistler

A sea of giant Camas beneath Gary Oaks at Playfair Park

Tray as Lacrosse goalie - a job he performed very well
(He isn't really that big)

Tray's 12th birthday

Laurie in the garden, admiring the Filipendula.

A quick trip to Haida Gwaii allowed us to visit the carving shed
at the Museum in Skidegate.  Huge canoe in the background.

Ryan and friend singing at Music Festival, T'lell.

Clint's house in Queen Charlotte

After Bryce helped John K teach a UBC field course in the Kootenays,
he flew home from Kelowna, seeing a forest fire in Washington from the plane...

...Tsawwassen Ferry terminal from the air, and ...

...the Southern Gulf Islands as the plane approached Sidney
(airport is pale brown patch on centre far right of picture - you can see the runway)

Now John N., John K. and De-Wei flew in to have an early
celebration of Bryce's 84th birthday. 
Here they are at the top of the beach stairs scanning the Ocean.

De-Wei and John N photographing Amanita phalloides
which is now well-established in Victoria...

The much awaited Fourth Edition of Bryce's book: (grown from 340 pp to 500 pp) appeared in September

...and with some colour illustrations

This is a picture taken with my new microscope camera of some
special cells from a Russula mushroom.  They are the pressurised
cells that make Russulas brittle (you can't bend Russulas,
they break like chalk)

...and here are the moulds reasserting themselves at the end of the season on the Hosta leaves

And winter or summer, here is the style of jeans currently
favoured by our teenagers...

December 14th was our 40th Anniversary, and this is the bouquet
that Bryce put together for Laurie.  Definitely worth a few points.

Here is our minuscule tree with bounty beneath, being
heaped there by Santa's elf, Jen.

Even more by Christmas morning...

Ryan and Mara having first crack...

And here are almost all of us wearing our new Christmas shirts,
kindly laid on by Clint and Jen.
(Ryan, Jen, Mara, Celeste, Skylar, Tray, Laurie, Bryce)

Mahonia (Oregon grape) flowering on Christmas Day

Rhodo flowering on Christmas Day

Our dog visitors - first Roscoe hanging out on the Deck (He's blind but has a wonderful, gentle personality)

...and Chaana waiting somewhat impatiently to get in.

Busy kitchen at 8727. Non-stop demand.  Avid consumption.

And with that, Laurie and I wish you the very best for 2018
Looking for news from many of you! (You know who you are).
To those who have communicated - our thanks!