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Explore this site and find over 800 images of fungi online as an introduction to our compact mycological encyclopedia, The Fifth Kingdom. These online images illustrate mushrooms, mycorrhizas, medical mycology, yeasts, lichens, food spoilage, fermented foods, plant diseases, symbioses with animals, and edible, poisonous, and hallucinogenic fungi.

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Here are some of the informative topics found on this site.
Taken from the mycological textbook "The Fifth Kingdom".

Chap 2a: Protozoan "pseudofungi" - the so-called Slime Moulds - full text and pictures

Chap 3a: Eumycotan Fungi - full text and pictures

Chap 3b: Phylum Zygomycota - Zygomycetes & Trichomycetes - full text and pictures

Chap 4a: Phylum Dikaryomycota, Ascomycotina - asci, ascomata, anamorphs - full text and pictures

Chap 4b: Ascomycetes: - Taphrinales to Dothideales - full text and pictures

Chap 6: Yeasts - Polyphyletic Fungi - pictures with descriptions

Chap 7: Lichens - Dual Organisms - pictures with descriptions

Chap 11: Fungal Ecology: - The succession of coprophilous fungi - full text and pictures

Chap 12: Fungal Plant Pathology in Agriculture and Forestry - pictures with descriptions

Chap 16: Mutualistic Symbioses between Fungi and Animals - pictures with descriptions

Chap 22: Poisonous and Hallucinogenic Fungi - full text and pictures

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